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XO FIT Gym Perth

The gym is a microcosm of its own. You will meet a lot of different personalities here, and with luck, may even form closer bonds with these people. The gym is primarily created for fitness, but the people who go there every day make its environment even more exciting. The following are some of the common types of people that you will encounter in the gym.


1. The Noobie

The noobies are first-timers and new gym members. They are very easy to recognize because they often have a confused and scared look on their face. They sometimes bring a friend to support them. The noobie tends to misuse the gym equipment and often overthink they are getting judged for it. But the truth is, the rest of the gym-goers are too preoccupied to notice anything.

Depending on how you approach them, a noobie could be your perfect gym buddy. They are still new to the scene and will likely appreciate a kind mentor.

2. The Influencer

They are the gym-goers who care more about their online rep than doing actual workout reps. They often wear aesthetically pleasing workout outfits because they like to take pictures to post on their social media. They spend more time scrolling through their phones and taking selfies than actually doing any work. A single gym visit will generate more than a dozen content for their ‘My Days’ and social media posts across different platforms. As long as they are not taking too much time on the equipment, it’s best to just let them do their thing. If likes and follows make them feel good, then so be it. Of course, it is a different story if their photo ops are already purportedly interrupting your workout and other gym-goers.

3. The Grunter

Another character you can meet wherever gym you go. The Grunter likes to draw attention to their loud noises at the gym. Lifting a weight? Grunt! Using the treadmill? Grunt! It doesn’t matter what they are doing, they want you to notice them. The Grunter often annoys other people in the gym, because the loud noises they make can be distracting. Try not to get distracted by putting on headphones and playing some music. If this still doesn’t work, try staying away from this person.

4. The Unbeatable
These are the overly enthusiastic members that are just impossible to beat. They look like they had 12 cups of coffee before going to the gym. They can go over the time limit on cardio machines and still look like they still have so much energy to spend. Our tired ass can’t help but feel a little jealous.

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5. The Freebie Hunter
This person only signed up at the gym for the membership perks. You will see them sipping smoothies, soaking in the hot tub, and relaxing in the sauna, but never using any of the workout equipment. Well, who are we to judge?

6. The Machine Hog
Another hated gym personality. The machine hog is a classic gym douchebag who likes to use three machines at the same time. They often leave their belongings on this machine to make it look unavailable and act blind and deaf when other gym-goers need to use them. You might need to be more assertive when dealing with this kind of gym-goers.

7. The Treadmill Coven
These are a group of friends who like to hit the gym together but don’t necessarily work out. They like to walk and talk on the treadmill, and pretty much, that’s it. They are often present on the weekends, bringing with them an enormous load of gossips waiting to get spilled.

8. The Night Owl
These are people who only go to the gym in the evening. They often have a busy schedule in the day and can only fit working out at night. Some of them simply like peace. They often seek membership at 24/7 gyms.

9. The True Gym Rat
They are gym members who takes working out more seriously than anyone else. They are not there for the photos, perks, or socializing. They are there with a serious goal in mind, and they are laser-focused in achieving them.

10. The Resident

These people spend more time in the gym than the staff that it starts to feel like they live there. You see them in the gym on the weekends, or when you go for quick cardio on the weekdays. It doesn’t matter what time you go, he/she is always there. Over time, you will develop familiarity with this person. It doesn’t matter if you spend time with him or not, but once you go to a gym and not see him/her, you will feel that something is missing.

11. The Bodybuilder

The bodybuilder thrives in the weight room. He buys premium quality protein shakes and is all about gaining muscles. He is hard to miss with his enormous muscles and strong build. Other gym-goers are intimidated by this type of gym personality simply because of their appearance.



Better than anyone else, XO Fit knows that the gym is more than just a place to work out. It’s an arena where people try to win against their self-limiting thoughts to achieve greater success.