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Like any place, the gym also has etiquette and safety measures, which everyone should be mindful of. A gym is a place where we focus on our fitness intentions, but there are a couple of things that we should pay attention to whenever we go there.


Here we will discuss some of the behaviors you must avoid and some important points you must keep in mind before your next gym visit. 


These are 10 things you should never do in a gym. 

  1. Hogging the machines

Just because you got a gym membership does not mean you own all its equipment. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing someone who spends too much time on the equipment, far more than necessary. It’s even more annoying when people spend more time taking selfies with the equipment than actually using it. Don’t be one of those selfish gym users. Be mindful of other members who might need to use the equipment too. Once you are done, clean up and get off the machine so the next person can use it. 


  1. Forgetting to clean the equipment after use

Leaving a trail of your sweat on every piece of equipment you use is gross and utterly disrespectful. This behavior also gives an additional burden to the gym staff and managers, who now have to work double-time to keep the gym clean. Be mindful of your gym environment. Wipe off your sweat after using the equipment. Most gyms have paper towels and sanitary wipes, you can use them to clean your machine after you’re done using it. 



  1. Staring At People

It is rude to stare, even more so when you are in the gym. There are a lot of attractive people in the gym, and sometimes, it is hard not to notice them. However, you must fight the urge to stare at these people while they do their work out. Stop staring at women doing squats or the men doing the bench press. You will only look creepy. 



  1. Flexing/ Showing Off

Isn’t it funny that the internet slang “flexing” actually means “showing off” or “bragging”? We wouldn’t be surprised if the slang originated in the gym itself. At some points in our gym life, we’ve certainly come across a weight-lifter who unnecessarily grunts whenever he lifts the barbells. Others loudly count their reps as if to tell us we are not doing enough. Don’t be one of these douchebags. Respect others and stop being so loud. Others are concentrating on counting their reps on their heads too and you could be distracting them.




  1. Copying what trainers show clients

Now and then, you might see personal trainers guiding gym-goers and coming up with new exercises. You may like these new exercises you see, but do not decide to do them on your own. Doing this is like stealing their work, and not to mention impolite. There is also a chance that you will do it wrong. Instead of copying their routines, ask the personal trainer to show them to you. They often do not mind and would genuinely love to help. 


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6. Leaving your weights anywhere

If you are using weights, don’t leave them lying around as you please.

Make it a habit to return them on the rack where you picked them so that the next person can find them there too when they need them, too. Don’t rely on the staff and the manager to clean after you.

7. Sitting on the benches and equipment to use phones.

Most of us might be guilty about this at some point. Who isn’t tempted to open our phones while resting from a heavy set? However, we should be considerate when using the benches and avoid using them as a seat while we scroll through our Instagram and social media feeds while resting. Better yet, leave your phone so you can get more work out.

8. Interrupting Someone While Exercising

Interrupting someone mid-sets could be annoying and could be a huge sign of disrespect. Unless it’s an emergency, please don’t interrupt your fellow gym-goer while they are working out. Let them finish their set first before you ask them something or get past them.

9. Showering Without Flip-flops

A former gym manager shared a disgusting story that will make sure you’ll never forget to bring your flip-flops to the gym ever.

According to her, there are several occasions when they had members who would defecate in the shower. (Yup, this happened). There is no way of telling what other disgusting things and microbes might be present in the shower stalls. Make sure to protect yourself by bringing your slippers or sandals each time you hit the gym and use their showers.

10. Lifting without weight collars

When lifting weights, make sure to secure the plates by using weight collars. The weight collars will make sure that your plates stay in place and won’t slide off while you lift the bar. Imagine how dangerous and embarrassing it would be if a plate slides off and everything else comes crashing down. You can get yourself hurt and others around you too. Keep yourself safe from injury and bruised ego. Make sure to use a weight collar when lifting weights.


Better than anyone else, XO Fit knows that the gym is more than just a place to work out. It’s an arena where people try to win against their self-limiting thoughts to achieve greater success.